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As scholars combining corpus linguistics and (critical) discourse analysis we are typically interested in research that has social relevance and a bearing on current affairs and, as such, we couldn’t ignore the reason why the conference is going online; covid-19/coronavirus/global pandemic. We know that many in our community are already working on this topic and so we plan to include in the programme of Corpora & Discourse International Conference a “pop-up panel” on the discourses surrounding Covid-19.

We welcome contributions presenting work in progress and preliminary findings as well as stimuli to discuss potential collaborative projects, and reflections on what we, as corpus & discourse experts can offer in understanding and interrogating the discourses around the pandemic.

Topics might include linguistic representations and framings of the pandemic, analyses and evaluations of the science communication, analyses of the role of fake news in the pandemic, and cross-cultural and cross-linguistic comparisons of covid-19 discourses.

The deadline for submitting an expression of interest in the pop-up panel is Friday 22 May and this should be in form of a short abstract (max. 150 words). Proposals will go to a fast review and participants will be notified and asked to register (with a specially extended deadline) the following week.

If accepted, we will invite you to record a 3-minute video which will be made available on the conference website and we will schedule a Zoom round-table during the conference (June 17-19), open to all those who have registered. The deadline to submit your video will be 11 June 2020.

Please send proposals to


  1. I have already had a paper accepted for #cads2020, can I send a proposal for this too?
    • Yes, this is a responsive addition to the existing conference programme
  2. I haven’t finished this project yet, can I still contribute?
    • Yes, we are anticipating that these projects are all work-in-progress
  3. Why is the time limit so short?
    • We are expecting the work discussed here to be work-in-progress and the aim is for the presentations to lead into the discussion.

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