Do I need to register to watch the talks?

No (but there may be a delay in viewing them if we have to restrict traffic)

Where will I be able to watch the videos?

On this website

Do I need to register to join the discussions?


What do I need to join the discussions?

You will need a (free) Zoom account

I have already registered, when will I get the Zoom invites?

The day before the conference

Will I get an attendance certificate?

Yes, all registered participants can receive a conference certificate. Please email after registration to let us know that you need this.

Is there a book of abstracts online?


Will there be a social?

Yes, there will be a corpus pub quiz for registered participants > CORPUS QUIZ

What are ‘short’ and ‘long’ papers?

‘Long papers’ are full papers and last c. 20 minutes. ‘Short papers’ last c. 3 minutes and are an option for people who would have done a poster or found they were not able to prepare a 20-minute paper because of the covid-19 context.

How long will it take me to watch all the papers in each panel?

The length of each panel depends on a) the number of papers and b) the proportion of short papers (c. 3 mins) and long papers (c. 20 mins)

How long is each panel discussion?

We have allocated 30-60 minutes per discussion.

Is the time on the programme the time that the discussion / Q&A starts?


What time zone are the times on the programme?

UK (UTC+1)

Can I watch the papers the same day as the panel discussion?

Yes, there is enough time allocated for you to watch all the papers before the discussion in each parallel session.

I am not in the UK, can I watch the papers earlier?

Yes, the videos will be released 24 hours before the discussion.

Have you accepted more papers because it is online?

No, all decisions for the main programme were made before the necessity to move online

Will panel discussions be recorded?

No, we’d be worried that might inhibit discussion / participation

Why isn’t my question here?

Because this is all so new we are not sure what the questions are yet! Just contact us if you have a different question.


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