Wednesday 17th June

9.00 Conference welcome followed by plenary and plenary discussion
Applying Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Studies: Impact, Engagement and Interdisciplinarity, Gavin Brookes

11.00 – 13.00 Student Researcher Hangout

Methodological Challenges
Panel discussion: 13.30

Healthcare Discourses
Part 1: Healthcare Representations

Panel discussion: 13:00

Healthcare Discourses
Part 2: Healthcare Interactions

Panel discussion: 16:00

Discourses of Covid-19
Panel discussion: 17.30

Thursday 18th June

National Identity in Discourse
Panel discussion: 10.00

Political Discourse
Panel discussion: 11.30

Migration Discourse
Panel discussion: 13.00

Extremist Discourses
Panel discussion: 16.00

Historical Discourse
Panel discussion: 15.30

18.00 Conference Social and Quiz!
Hosts: Robbie Love & Niall Curry

Friday 19th June

Language, Gender & Sexuality
Panel discussion: 12.00

Language Education Discourse
Panel discussion: 10.00

Identity in Discourse
Panel discussion: 13.00

Media Discourse & Stance
Panel discussion: 15.30

Pragmatics, Stylistics & Stance
Panel discussion: 15.00

16.30 Plenary talk followed by discussion:
If artificial intelligence is making our students dumb, can CADS make them smarter? Learning from corpora in the time of big data, Silvia Bernardini

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